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McGuinty’s Big Chance to Show Leadership

June 4, 2009

The e-Health Ontario scandal is rapidly escalating as more details are
revealed about non-tendered contracts, some of which are very large. It
seems that society never learns, regardless of where unethical and, in
some cases, illegal activities are undertaken by public and business
people in both the private and public sectors in North America. There’s
always the popular refrain of lessons learned in order to not repeat the
same mistakes.

For example, some expert commentators are already predicting that in the
not-too-distant future there will indeed be more scandals in the US
financial sector. After all, similar practices to what we’ve just
witnessed in the US were common back in the 1920s. It just took some 60
years to set the wheels in motion to create a financial firestorm.

To “learn’ from one’s inappropriate actions includes consequences. In
the US there’s a much greater propensity, compared to Canada, to punish
more severely business people who have broken the law. Unethical
conduct, however, still slips through the cracks. With Ontario’s
e-Health scandal heating, it will be intriguing to see how Premier
McGuinty handles it. This is where executive leadership gets the big
chance to demonstrate its integrity.


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