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e-Health Ontario: 2.0

June 8, 2009

That didn’t take long! Sarah Kramer, disgraced CEO of e-Health Ontario, negotiated her severance with the Provincial Minister of Health on the weekend. Whether Ontario taxpayers are supposed to feel better that Kramer is receiving the paltry sum of $317,000 (10 months severance) instead of the contractual 15 months pay remains to be seen.

As I mentioned in my post on this topic late last week, Premier Dalton McGuinty’s integrity, and that of his health minister, were at stake. While Kramer’s exit was quickly worked out, the much bigger issues are why non-tendered contracts in the millions of dollars were permitted, not to mention issues surrounding Kramer’s leadership and the management culture of e-Health Ontario.

We hear a lot about accountability and ethics in the public sector, but much more needs to be done to ensure that it is not merely an espoused theory but in reality an embedded practice.


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