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Interview Project – Talking to Americans

June 14, 2009

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. In May 2008 my wife, Sue, and I took an 11,000 km Amtrak train trip across the U.S., ending up in San Diego. Over the course of three weeks we met a wide variety of Americans, along with visitors from other countries. Seeing the awesome beauty of the Grand Canyon, Pacific coastline and mountains was of course thrilling. But meeting such a variety of people is something that has stayed with me. We still reminisce about some of the characters – such as the cowboy from Texas, who we met in the lounge car, and who asked me to guard his plastic glass that he was using as a spittoon while he fetched his hat.

For those of you interested in learning about people from walks-of-life that are not typically portrayed in the media, you’ll want to check out David Lynch’s recently launched Interview Project. I learned of it yesterday morning while reading the Globe & Mail (Canada’s national newspaper). Lynch travelled 32,000 km (19,000 miles) throughout the US to interview randomly chosen Americans. Once every three days he posts a new video. These are gems to watch.

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