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Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert: Who’s Your Favorite?

August 22, 2009

Maybe the sub-title of this post should have been “Which One’s Over the Top?” I used to watch Jon Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show’ regularly and Stephen Colbert only occasionally. I didn’t know what to make out of Colbert, though I’d heard plenty of references to his unique brand of humor from friends. Stewart’s pretty safe as a comedy host – very predictable and not pushing the limits of comedy very far (kind of like Jay Leno, who I also like). In fact, a few months ago I stopped watching Stewart because I found it was like eating vanilla ice cream all the time – he was getting a little too bland for me. By then I had started watching Colbert more often and now I’m a full-fledged Colbert Nation junkie.

Unfortunately, when I watched Thursday night’s show Colbert said he was going on three weeks vacation. WHAT??? You create Nation junkies and then you decide to leave town for almost a month? Where’s your sense of responsibility to your Nation? Reruns? The bummer about living in the Great White North, like I do, is that Canadians can’t access the contents of Colbert’s website – has to do with paranoia over licencing and advertising.

Stephen Colbert is brilliant, and clearly my favorite over anyone else who calls himself or herself a comedy host. Just watch him last week where he had a conversation with a French Colonial dining table (in reference to Congressman Barney Frank’s rant at a woman who apparently had little knowledge of Nazi history). Or Thursday night’s show where poor President Obama was the butt of Hitler mustaches. Ah yes, Stephen’s pushing closer to the boundaries of satire. His exploits in Iraq with U.S. troops not too long ago showed his willingness to step out of his safety zone – that being firing at anyone in his sights from behind his desk. His hair’s growing back ever more slowly – and yes, I’ve spotted a number of grey ones. Stephen, better get out the dye.

So how about it. Who’s number one behind the comedy desk? I vote for Colbert.

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