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Roman Polanski’s Victim: Still Suffering 32 Years Later

September 29, 2009

I must be from another planet, or just incredibly thick. A 47 year old Hollywood director lure a 13 year old girl to his home, sweet talks her, plies her with booze and qualudes, and then forces sex upon her, including sodomy. When arrested and temporarily released, he escapes the United States for sanctuary in Europe.

Fast forward 32 years to today. Roman Polanski is arrested in Switzerland following a request by the US government, which wants his extradition so that he can face the charges for which he was arrested in 1977.

Now I know that Hollywood has its kooks. But the uproar from people like Whoopi Goldberg and Debra Winger who are staunchly defending Polanski is nothing short of outrageous. What are these women on? I think that Roman Polanski is a brilliant director and love his movies, but that has nothing to do the disgusting act he committed to a young girl who was just entering puberty.

It seems that two sets of rules exist: one for the general population and one for those in positions of power or public adoration. If Roman Polanski should be released by Swiss authorities so that he may continue living his pampered lifestyle, then perhaps we should tell those who have been hunting Nazis who committed atrocious crimes during World War Two to back off. Or how about a rapist who was not apprehended until 30 years after his act?

Samantha Geimer, the real victim who is now 45 with three children, foregave Polanski long ago. However, she did receive a non-disclosed court-awarded settlement, and recently said that she feels no sympathy towards Polanski. She just wants all of this uproar to go away.

What is so unfortunate about this media circus is that Geimar is having to go through it all over again. And what about her three children? No doubt they’ll have enough baggage to carry into adulthood. Maybe they should also sue Polanski.

Roman Polanski should act like a man and suck it up and go back to the United States and face whatever punishment the court dishes out. I’d like to see if he’s as tough a guy as the character he played in Chinatown. Are you up for it, Roman?

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  1. September 29, 2009 6:03 pm

    Thanks Mike. Yeah, I can’t explain it, except that I live north of the border, far away from Whoopi and company.

  2. Mike O'Brien permalink
    September 29, 2009 5:53 pm

    The answer is simple, liberals have a filter on their brain if it’s a liberal that doesn’t pay taxes on his rental properties for eight years and he’s the head of the ways and means committee it’s ok. If a senator has a male prostitute running a brothel out of his apartment and he’s on the senator’s payroll that’s ok. If a president is getting hummers from a young girl his daughter’s age in the oval office that’s ok the feminazi’s say that’s his personal business.

    If George Bush or Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck gave a 13 year old girl qualudes and alcohol and drugged her so they could have anal sex with her would that be rape rape according to Whoopie Goldberg and the liberal nut bag hags on The View???

    Would love to hear what they’d be saying if this were the case it would be hang him from the court yard pole!

    Liberalism is a mental disorder there is no other explanation.

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