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10 Ways to Get Your Staff to Hate You

October 1, 2009
Updated April 25, 2016

Angry Male Boss I’ve been in the workforce a long time – 35-plus years. And during that time I’ve encountered my share of bosses who have had their own unique styles of managing.In this post I’ll look at how to earn the disrespect of your staff (and in a future post on how to earn their respect).

Of course there are other ways, so I’m inviting your contributions. Let’s see what we can collectively generate !

So here we go…

How to Get Your Staff to Disrespect (or even hate) You:

#10 – You’re the boss, and make sure that everyone knows it. Shared leadership is for sissies. Keep that ego well oiled

#9 – Speak to your staff through email; God forbid, don’t talk to them in person. What the heck is “Management by Walking Around?”

#8 – Keep your staff in the dark – keep ‘em guessing since it strengthens your hold on information and power

#7 – Don’t trust your staff’s judgement; you make all the decisions. After all, you’re the boss!

#6 – Constantly change your mind, leaving your staff confused as to what are the priorities

#5 – Have no sense of humor, especially not being able to poke fun at yourself

#4 – Laugh at others misfortunes or mistakes. Losers!

#3 – Micromanage your staff to death; double check everything they do, including rewriting their work reports, etc.

#2 – Assign tasks to staff that you would never consider doing yourself. If it involves, for example, having to deal with a known cranky customer or supplier, better have one of your subordinates do it.

Drumroll please…

#1 – Don’t stand behind your staff, even when they make a mistake; cover your own ass. Hey, people are expendable. What counts is your career advancement.

Okay, let’s have it folks. What have I missed in my top ten?

If you’re feeling a little bummed out after reading this list, check 10 Valuable Lessons for Aspiring Leaders to uplift your spirits.

To change and to improve are two different things.

– German proverb

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. March 19, 2015 2:52 pm

    Sounds just like bosses over here, exactly!

  2. October 4, 2009 12:34 am

    Wow! I didn’t know we had worked together, Susan. Deja vu. Everything you say is so true. I think I should have created a top 50, based on what I’ve been getting on OpenSalon and WordPress. Thanks for your contribution!…Jim

  3. October 3, 2009 11:57 pm

    #11 – Take credit for your staff’s ideas and accomplishments.

    #12 – Lie frequently to your staff so that they have a hard time distinguishing what’s true and what matters.

    #13 – Belittle members of your staff, especially in front of coworkers, vendors and clients.

    #14 – Steer clear of all niceties that make the work environment pleasant such as saying “good morning” or wishing someone a happy birthday.

    #15 – Make promises to your staff that you don’t keep.

    #16 – Change pressing deadlines but don’t bother to tell members of your staff who are pulling all nighters to get the job done.

    #17 – When you mess up, ask your staff to cover for you, even lie if necessary.

    #18 – Make sure that you take all perks for yourself like little gifties from vendors and food treats from people stopping by the office.

    #19 – Never say thank you, no matter how well deserved.

    #20 – Keep staff salaries as low as possible, even in good years, because that leaves a bigger piece of the pie for you. And let’s not even talk about Christmas bonuses!

    I know I could easily come up with another 10! Clearly, I’ve had my share of crappy bosses. Is it a wonder I’m self-employed?

    Great post, although now remembering what it was like to be a staff person, I think I may need therapy! 🙂

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