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Why Your Personal Brand Matters: Six Pixels of Separation

February 11, 2010

mitch-joel Updated February 6, 2013

I’m a self-confessed readaholic, constantly seeking out new ideas on a wide variety of topics. And over the past four-plus years as a blogger I’ve learn a ton from those who’ve been blogging for many years.

One book I came across and which I want to highlight again in this post update is an excellent one by Mitch Joel, a technology trend writer: Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation. This book is stellar, written by a recipient of Canada’s Top 40 Under award.

Rather than review Joel’s book, as I’ve done with others in the past, I want to focus on one key part that caused me to sit back and think for a bit. In his chapter “You are Media,” Joel talks about building a personal brand. I went through a major career transition a few years ago, and I’m still working on strengthening my understanding of social media.

Joel’s words are especially powerful. He talks about a “three dimensional personal brand,” consisting of:

1) Giving Abundantly: Give your knowledge away. This is the best way to build your personal brand.

2) Helping Others: When you meet people at events, listen “for their areas of pain.” Help direct others to where they may be able to find solutions to their problems.

3) Building Relationships: While “conversations” are a vital part of digital technology, forming new “real” relationships is what it’s all about.

In my own search for meaning in cyberspace and how I can contribute, and potentially profit in the future, I had lost sight of my own values and 35 years of work experience. It’s easy to get de-railed by the profit maximizers who promise great things (and tons of dough) if you follow their prescriptions–and buy their e-books and training courses. Cyberspace is full of what BusinessWeek once called snakeoil salesmen (and I’ll add snakeoil saleswomen).

I used to tell my now 30 year-old son when he was little that good things come to those who wait. Indeed. My personal view is that there’s far too much impatience by those entering the blogosphere who seek to start raking in the big bucks in a matter of months. Chill out.

In rediscovering who I am and what I can contribute to the world through sharing my experience and writing, I’ve stayed aligned with my values and life purpose.

What about you? Are you aligned with your passion and life’s purpose?

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