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Next Week is TEAM WEEK! Get ready to Collaborate

February 19, 2010
Over the next two weeks I’ll be posting an eight-part series on teamwork. Each post will have a specific theme. Here’s the lineup of what you’ll be reading.

1. Lessons in Teamwork: Winning Despite Trenchfoot, Leeches and Hunger

2. Is Your Team REALLY a Team? Why Instant Pudding Doesn’t Cut It

3. The Five Levels of Teams: Where Are You on the Team Curve?

4. How Do You Build Team Performance? (Very Carefully)

5. What Kind of Team Player Are You?

6. The Four Stages of Team Development

7. Turning People On to Teamwork

8. Rethinking Teams and Teamwork: Getting Over the Guilt Complex

Please take a moment at the end of each post to add a comment on your experiences with teamwork, as well as your own perspectives.

Are YOU ready to collaborate? See you next week.

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Becoming a Holistic Leader: Strategies for Successful Leadership Using a Principle-Based Approach

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