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Leadership and the Inter-Generational Divide: A New e-Book by Jim Taggart

March 27, 2011

This new e-book is based in part on an edited compilation of a dozen blog posts I wrote on intergenerational issues over the past 16 months. I have selected the most salient portions of these posts, adding new information I have recently come across.

My aim is to provide a readable e-book that will enhance your understanding of the intertwined issues underlying what has been referred to as the Intergenerational Divide.

Leadership permeates this e-book.

Much is at stake in how organizations–whether in the public sphere or the private sector–address an ageing population, and in particular a labor force that covers four generations, and soon five.

Gen Y, an age cohort spanning some 15 years, will play an important role in North America’s long-term economic future. Because of this role, combined with the impact of the Great Recession on young people, this e-book places a special emphasis on the issues Gen Y faces and their role in organizations.

This is not to neglect Gen X’s growing critical role as they increasingly assume leadership positions in organizations. Or even many Baby Boomers who will be in the labor market for another 20 years. My timeframe is long-term–decades–a somewhat different approach from most purveyors of the future.

Read this e-book from the perspective that the only reasonably reliable indicator is that of population projections.

You’ll find in this e-book the added bonus of hyper-text links embedded throughout the text, enabling you to transport yourself to sources cited and also to some videos of experts speaking on intergenerational issues.


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