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Becoming a Holistic Leader: Second Edition, FREE eBook

May 1, 2011

A lot has happened around the world in the past 18 months since I wrote Becoming a Holistic Leader: Strategies for Successful Leadership Using a Principle-Based Approach. The international financial system teetered on collapse, the Great Recession exerted sweeping, pernicious effects (which still linger) and the globalization of work continued its relentless march forward.

At the outset of 2011, turmoil exploded in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa as citizens took to the streets to demand meaningful change from their national governments. Self-empowerment in action.

Japan experienced the worst earthquake in its history, resulting in an estimated $300 billion in damages. However, the problem of radiation from the failure of nuclear plants struck by the tsunami has added an enormous weight on Japan’s citizens.

I am not a purveyor of the future; indeed who is? As with this e-book’s first edition my primary aim is to assist you surf the waves of change and respond quickly to events and trends. Above all, I want you to embrace change; fear should be replaced with enthusiasm and curiosity. Seek out and explore the opportunities.

This second edition updates some of the information and resources in the first edition, including a significant reorganization of the e-book. I’ve also added new insights through the use of personal vignettes to strengthen the chapter on Personal Principles, The Guiding Light.

The volatilities in which organizations and governments must operate seem to be
escalating, not diminishing. Events around the world arrive back-to-back, each one demanding immediate attention. Yet the cumulative effects are placing pressure on leadership: how organizations are led by those in senior positions and how employees (managers and staff) empower themselves to contribute positively to corporate missions.

When you download the e-book I encourage you to take time to go through the Appendices, where you’ll find a wide range of resources to help support your leadership journey.

I also encourage you to share a comment, either on this website or by emailing me. Best of luck in your leadership journey…Jim

Try to feel things more inclusively instead of exclusively. The more things that can make up the whole—invite that into your life.
-Kevin Eubanks, Jazz guitarist (as told to NPR Music)

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