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The Fall & Rise of the Learning Organization: A New e-Book

October 23, 2011

The Learning Organization.

Many people have become acquainted with this much used (and misused) expression. Numerous organizations have adopted such labels as the Learning Organization, Lifelong Learning and Continuous Learning. Are they living up to their claims?

This new e-book will stimulate your thinking on learning in the context of organizational turbulence and the impact it is having on people. It draws on the ideas of such notable thinkers and writers as Margaret Wheatley, Peter Block, Angeles Arrien and Peter Senge.

There has never been a greater need for the emergence of a learning culture in organizations, whether in the private or public sectors.

The increasing rapidity of change, with the growing demands on management and staff to perform at higher levels in the face of diminishing resources, demands that business be conducted differently. Competition over the past decade from emerging economies has accelerated, placing a greater premium on creativity and innovation.

This e-book will have earned its value if it helps propel you forward through your reflections on learning experiences in both your personal and professional lives. If you’re in a leadership position, it offers you the opportunity to self-examine your role as champion and advocate with your followers.

After all, leaders must not only question existing work processes and explore new concepts, they must encourage and expect their followers to do so as well.

Rigid identities give rise to rigid organizations.

– Margaret Wheatley

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