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Creating Win-Win through Interpersonal Leadership

March 1, 2015
Happy Business Team How often have you felt that you’ve been in a win-lose situation at work, and where you were on the losing end?

Wow, more hands than expected shot up.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Indeed, to be blunt, it’s a pretty dumb concept for profit-driven companies to allow managers and leaders to operate in that manner. And if you’re working in the public or not-for-profit sectors, shame on you for even thinking of acting this way.

Whether you’re part of an organization that’s directly or indirectly serving customers or citizens, your focus should–and must–be on creating win-win solutions.

Your correspondent could never figure out during his three decades with the Government of Canada why so many of those in leadership positions, from middle managers to those at the top of the management pyramid, seemed to hold Joe and Sally Taxpayer in contempt.

There will always be games-playing and the race-to-the-top manipulations inherent in any organization, public or private. However, one of the roles of top management is to ensure that ethical behaviors are followed, that ALL employees share in the corporate vision, and that those entrusted with managerial responsibilities strive to focus their staff and teams on the needs and expectations of customers and citizens.

People Slapping HandsOne startling revelation for those in management is that being a manager is in effect an appointment to position. Leadership is a completely different ball of wax. To be a real leader requires you to have earned a followership. Only when you’ve achieved the state where your staff or team share in your values and vision (where you want to take them) can you emphatically claim to be a leader. Otherwise, you’re dictating your demands through employee compliance versus enrolment. Compliance is a tantamount to a managerial function; enrolment is about leadership.

To be a Win-Win leader means that you’ve yielded to the greater force of inter-personal leadership, where you’ve accepted that people as a collective through your shared leadership can accomplish much, much more.

In the process everyone is excited, motivated and self-initiated, sparking them to step up to contribute their ideas.

Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.

John Maxwell

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