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How To Create a Positive Work Environment To Boost Customer Relations

July 18, 2016

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I’m pleased to host a guest post with Brooke Cade, a freelance writer who’s committed to helping businesses and sales professionals build stronger connections with their customers. In her spare time, she enjoys learning more about inmoment, her CX platform of choice, reading books and articles on industry news, engaging on twitter, and exploring her local neighborhood coffee shop.

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” This statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to your business: the more transparent you can be, the better.

To create a successful business, it all begins on the inside with your employees. Employees who work in a positive environment feel more valued and appreciated by their company, and are more inclined to work harder in order to strengthen customer relationships and provide superior customer service.

Value Their Opinions

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to actively listen to your employees. When employees know that their voices are being heard and their opinion is valued, they feel empowered. This empowerment will lead to better relationships within the company culture and come through interactions between employees and customers.

Because employees are the face of your company and the people your customers are dealing with on a daily basis, it is critical that invest time and resources in your employees to ensure that your employees have the tools to succeed and can serve your customers in a positive and professional manner. As you look to implement new programs and strategies to improve company culture, take some time to gather both employee and customer feedback to see which areas you’re excelling at and where you can improve on.

Let Your Employees Know They Matter

Investing in your employees’ future is another excellent way to let them know they are valued. Pay for employees to attend conferences, hold employee appreciation events, and help them continue to learn and grow so they can promote within your company. Some fun ways to do this? Encourage employees to set personal and professional goals each quarter, set up team building activities to help employees get to know each other better and feel more connected, or hold team training where someone from each team teaches everyone else something new. The list is endless, but the key is to provide a positive workplace environment where everyone feels supported and can continue to grow.

Create a Positive Company Culture

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The best way to build up your company from within is to establish employee engagement by creating a positive company culture. No one likes working in an environment where they’re constantly criticized or in fear. Take time each day to make sure the culture you’re cultivating is a positive one where employees are happy and everyone feels valued.

When your employees are happy, this happiness not only carries over into their work as they interact with customers, but continues in their personal lives. Cheerful employees will naturally attract other excellent people who want to be a part of such a great work environment, allowing you to have higher caliber candidates applying who will be happy to join your team and help build your business.

It’s All Up to You

As the owner, you set the tone for your business. You can create a working environment where your employees feel comfortable, confident, and happy to be there, or you can do the complete opposite. When you choose the former, you will be able to build a company that’s strong from the inside out, ultimately resulting in a successful and thriving business.

The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers. Are the followers reaching their potential? Are they learning? Serving? Do they achieve the required results? Do they change with grace? Manage conflict?
— Max De Pree (Ret’d CEO, Herman Miller; Author of leadership books)

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