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Jim worked as an economist for three decades with the Government of Canada, and devoted over a decade to managing change leadership projects. He has a strong understanding of globalization issues (innovation, labor markets, competitiveness and geo-politics) and their interface at the organizational level (the practices of leadership and management, learning, teamwork and customer service).

Since concluding his public sector career in 2010, Jim has worked as a contract researcher and writer, undertaking a variety of projects dealing with such topics as leadership development, workforce trends, and social media strategy.

A recognized thought leader, Jim maintains a website and blog on leadership and management issues. He holds a Master’s degree in economics from the University of New Brunswick and a Masters degree in Leadership and Organizational Learning from Royal Roads University.

Take a moment to read more about his background.

How I Got Here
I worked as a manager, project team leader, change agent, client relationship builder and thought leader for three decades before retiring from the Government of Canada at the end of 2010. My passion is to assist leaders and aspiring leaders to become catalysts of positive change within their organizations, communities and society.

My personal approach during 35 years in the workforce has always been about building strong, trusting relationships with people and providing superior client service.

Because of my dual background as a professional economist and leadership practitioner (with Masters in both areas), I have the added benefit of understanding the effects of globalization at the industry and organizational levels. In short, I thrive in working at the interface between the big picture and how people demonstrate leadership within their organizations and communities.

The unique services and products I provide encompass:

1. Research, analytical and expert writing: leadership, teams, competitiveness, customer service, organizational learning.

2. Knowledge transfer strategies.

My Approach

• I use a personalized approach in working with management to develop strategies to address specific organizational issues.

• I am honest and upfront on how to address employee engagement issues. I will tell you the unvarnished truth about your workplace, the good and the bad.

• I always maintain my integrity as someone who believes in and practices people engagement and transparency.

How I Work with Others

I believe that if people are to enroll in a corporate vision and change initiative they must see themselves in the effort and where their personal visions fit in the bigger picture. People need to have change done with them, not to them. People must take responsibility for their actions, be accountable for their results and be active contributors to their organization’s future.

I help people to understand the global dynamics that are driving unrelenting change at organizations, the implications at the organizational level, and why it matters that employees at ALL levels of an organization are fully engaged to support its future.

My fervent belief is that employee engagement is about commitment and co-creating a future together, from which an organization’s future is and sustained in the long-term.

Why Me?

• Deep belief that motivated and happy employees can accomplish extraordinary things.

• Understand the urgency underlying global competition and the need for organizations to bring their management approaches into alignment with global practices.

• Possess a very strong understanding of the Federal Government’s culture: how decisions are made, how work gets done.

• Action and results-oriented, with the business mindset that time is money.

• Proven track record in helping create great workplaces.

• Masters degrees in economics and leadership and organizational learning.
– Master’s thesis on shared leadership, entitled “A Leap of Faith.”

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