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Holistic Leadership Workshop

Holisti Leadership What is Holistic Leadership, and why is it highly relevant to today’s workplace and society?

Briefly, it’s the culmination of how leadership and management should be combined as an integrated practice. Throughout our lifetime, each of us needs to work towards becoming a balanced and centered individual who’s able to effectively use the four principal components of Holistic Leadership: Teaching, Directing, Participating and Nurturing.

This workshop, which can be adapted to either half a day or a full day, draws principally on Jim Taggart’s third edition e-book: Becoming a Holistic Leader: Strategies for Successful Leadership using a Principle-Based Approach. It also draws on Jim’s extensive research into leadership over the past 25 years, including his 500 leadership blog posts and numerous e-books.

The half day workshop comprises three parts:

Part One: The Relationship between leadership and Management
Outcome: Clear understanding of what leadership and management represent.

Part Two: Holistic Leadership
Outcome: Able to approach leadership and management in an integrated way.

Part Three: Building Change Adaptability
Outcome: Strengthen personal ability to adapt effectively to change.

Note: Full day workshop includes discussion on Guiding Principles for Holistic Leadership.

Jim uses an interactive approach to his workshops, involving small and full group discussions. Participants are encouraged to contribute actively to enhance their learning experience. In leaving the workshop, they will have access to a wide collection of resource materials on leadership, management, teams plus more.


Jim-Max ShowshoeingAbout Jim Taggart
Jim has been a student of leadership for over 25 years. He has written extensively on leadership, teamwork and organizational cultural change.

In his previous career with the Government of Canada, he devoted over a decade to applied work in leadership development, organizational learning and team building. He also worked as an economist during his career, conducting applied research into labor market issues and examining topics relating to competitiveness and innovation.

Of special interest to Jim is understanding the interface between competitive global pressures and how leadership and management are practiced at the organization level.

As one of the more prominent social media voices during the past seven years on leadership and management, his website-blog ChangingWinds contains 500 posts and dozens of e-books, white papers and resource materials on leadership, learning and customer service.

In addition to a MA in economics from the University of New Brunswick, Jim also earned a MA in leadership and organizational learning from Royal Roads University. His Master’s thesis was on shared leadership and entitled A Leap of Faith. His passion for continuous learning and sharing with others extends to his fervent belief that leadership resides at all levels of organizations and communities.

To discuss a workshop for your organization, please contact Jim.
Phone: 613.699.5164
Website: ChangingWinds
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